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“Bal Harbour Shops” expansion: endless opportunities for investors in Miami!

“Bal Harbour Shops” expansion: endless opportunities for investors in Miami!

One of the main reasons why Miami became an important commercial city in the United States and the world is because the wide range of consumers from different cultures. Which involves a great variety of opportunities and market niches, a must to promote decisions to invest in Miami.

When we talk about Miami Retail Spaces, we cannot stop mentioning “Bal Harbour Shops”, a shopping mall recognized to have the most luxury stores in a single space. It combines the comfort of different outdoor environments, with the exclusivity of the most prestigious brands all over the world, in the same place, Miami City.

“Bal Harbour Shops” is in the first places of the United States, related to sales for square feet. For this reasons, looking for keep growing inside this project, “Whitman Family Development” company has announced that this Miami Commercial Real Estate project will expand its structure in more than 340 thousands square feet, having the collaboration of “Zyscovich” company for the interior design.

Between the new attractions of this incredible Miami Business opportunity, we have:

  • Opening of a “Barneys New York” store.
  • Expansion and redesign of “Marcus Store”.
  • Incorporation of new brands.
  • Outdoor pavilion dedicated to offer a unique restaurant experience in the second level.
  • Replace of the surface parking for a garage.

Jointly with this expansion, “Whitman Family Development” company has designed different projects dedicated to the nearby “Bal Harbour” communities, in order to guarantee the sustainable development of its activities. Between the contributions, we can mention a public parking area, hurricane protection room, remodeling of public works, the creation of a waterfront park, art programs and pedestrian improvements.

“Bal Harbour Shops” is the commercial luxury catalog per excellence that meets all definitions of sophistication and quality in every store, offering their visitors the access to the best products, and the delight of its environments at the same time.

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