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Hotel developments in Miami maintain this city as the ideal tourist center for all tastes!

Hotel developments in Miami maintain this city as the ideal tourist center for all tastes!

It is well known that the hotel industry has represented an important key in Miami’s identity and growth. The construction of the first hotel chains in this location was the first activity that expose Miami as a worldwide tourist destiny.

Miami continues betting on development and innovation in this field. In the last 20 years, only the amount of five hotel stars increased from 8 to 52 units. It is also expected that luxury rooms expand in 9,1% for 2017.

It is very important to highlight the role of international investment in Miami Commercial Real Estate and hotel development. Many important companies have decided to inaugurate their first hotel in the United Estates, specifically in Miami city, generating a great amount of local jobs for U.S citizens. This shows its undeniable power as a city to meet the best qualities and amenities a tourist deserves and expect to enjoy in their vacations.

This worldwide recognition as a tourist positioned city is also promoted by culture diversity, tropical weather, different activities and the prices variety. In this manner, vacation in Miami results an accessible option for different market segments and consumer preferences.

Downtown Miami, a full of history and culture location, has been also participant in the recent Miami hotel developments. Population growth and the establishment of activity centers like restaurants, offices and other attractions, enabled to give a tourist and residential touch to this urban location that used to be exclusive for entrepreneur field, with many Miami Retail Spaces as the main option to invest in Miami.

Currently, Downtown takes all the investors’ attention not only to buy Miami Offices for sale, but also to launch their hotel projects looking for authenticity in its qualities. Among some of the new proposals in construction we have: “Yotel” and “Marriot Marquis Miami Worldcenter”.

Definitely, luxurious hotels and resorts that Miami city offers to us nowadays, are located in the top of vacations lists for anyone who wants to live a tropical, international and multicultural experience with the best amenities and adventures included!.

Yotel in Miami. 

                               Marriot Marquis Miami Worldcenter