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Eb5: How to invest in Miami and obtain the Green Card.

Eb5: How to invest in Miami and obtain the Green Card.

Invest is one of the smartest decisions we can make to guard our capital and financial stability. It’s important to embrace the largest amount of knowledge possible to choose what to invest, how, and especially, where to do it.

Many investors consider Miami as the perfect destiny to materialize all their entrepreneurship ideas. It’s a multilingual city with cultural diversity, enjoys economic stability and is expert in making business with the rest of the continents. That’s why United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has enabled the South Florida Investment Regional Center to provide opportunities for foreign investors through EB-5 program.

With the help of EB-5, investors receive counseling and permanent residence in the United States for themselves and their relatives.

As other important benefits we have:

  • Freedom to travel outside the United States and return without a visa.
  • Freedom to develop your own Miami Retail Space.
  • Enjoy educational benefits as admission to Estate Universities with access to resident’s cost.
  • Possibility to obtain the United States Citizenship after 5 years of enjoying the permanent residence.

Foreign investors who are interested can develop their ideas in many areas such as: manufacture companies, Miami Commercial Real Estate, Hotels and tourism, personal firms, restaurants. Also they can acquire Miami offices or business for sale. Investors should dispose a minimum amount of USD 500.000 designated to their projects and guarantee the creation of, at least, 10 full time permanent jobs for American citizens.

To apply for this program it’s not necessary to have wide experience in business, nor manage investments on a daily basis. In fact one of its advantages is the aggrupation of investors in a same project which facilitates its duration and financial stability.

Other facility of EB-5 is that investors don’t have to present themselves continuously in the United States, maintaining their Miami business and professional relationships perfectly from their own country. It’s not necessary either to live in the city or state where the business is located.

EB-5 is a unique opportunity with excellent reception in the audience, being China and Latin America the main applicants for the program to buy Miami Offices for sale. There is a fact that South Florida has so many beauties to offer. This facility represents a great motivation to potentiate Miami’s investments and make of this city the cradle of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.