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Each day more people choose Miami to live, invest and materialize their projects in Florida!

Each day more people choose Miami to live, invest and materialize their projects in Florida!

It’s not a secret that Florida plays an important role in United States economy, especially Miami, city that has become a main point of investment, as well as an immediate reference of the opportunity to launch projects, business, establish offices and Miami retail spaces.

Cushman & Wakefield company, reflect in their annual analysis of 2016, a general growing of Florida’s economy,  directly related to the increase of population, confidence of consumers about stability and the conducive environment to make decisions of sale, save and invest money.

Florida’s population has grew 2% in regard to 2015, reaching an approximate of 20 million in South Florida. At the same time, prosperity in economic activities has enable to reduce unemployment in 5%.

Florida’s population grows 1000 people each day, from where 250 choose Miami Dade as its destiny. Charmed by their luxurious skyscrapers, business centers, waterfront condos and international lifestyle. This development is also promoted by the huge employments opportunities created day by day.  244.500 jobs were generated in 2016, in fields like health, logistic, construction, Miami Real Estate and hospitality.

Last decades have been growth times for Miami in business, cultural, educational and tourist field, being one of the most demanded places to live.  Miami Real Estate Market’s stability promotes and grows from this economic advance.

Prices of condos and Miami retail spaces keep rising in some areas, maintaining a fast sale’s pace because of the competitive proposals to offer in both markets. Each square meter is designed carefully to satisfy needs of different consumers and overtake expectations.

Thanks to a wide platform of policy investments, entrepreneurs are attracted to launch their projects in Miami and count with the best human talent possible. Economic indicators are favorable at least in the short term, having Florida as the leader in the ideal destinies to live, work, and enjoy a lot of activities.

                                  The majestic city of Miami.