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Brickell World Plaza: a perfectly designed alternative to the pace of life in Brickell.

Brickell World Plaza: a perfectly designed alternative to the pace of life in Brickell.

Invest in Miami, specifically in Miami Commercial Real Estate, is an activity with many possibilities. Brickell represents a key point to buy Miami business for sale or establish offices, being this a great moment to invest.

Brickell comprises more than 53 banks and financial institutions, that’s why it’s called “The South Wall Street”. In this manner, it counts with a great variety of attributes and business centers that increase the movement and commercial activity .The growing trend continues in the purchase and rent of Miami Retail Spaces, building in this sense, an excellent place to work and live.

“Brickell World Plaza” is a new commercial project based in a wide area of parking spaces and services, directed to increase the practicality o the activities developed in that location of business in Miami. It is located in a strategic zone, next to the “Brickell City Centre”, an important reference about the commercial growing of the city, whose level of activity will promote the growing of this new project, offering a comfort tool for resident and workers of Brickell.

This project will be very close to prestigious brands that increase the commercial activity in Brickell such as Apple, Hugo Boss, Armani, NARS, Saks Avenue, Valentino, Cole Haan, All Saints, etc.

The first phase will consist on a 12-story building with 23.168 square feet dedicated exclusively to the establishment of restaurants in the main level, with more than 550 parking areas.

“Brickell World Plaza” counts with the collaboration of “Miami 21” , an urbanistic company dedicated to the conscious and balanced use of the city spaces, taking in count all of the integral features to obtain the major life quality and the best experience in each one of their projects. This company will design a second phase of “Brickell World Plaza”. It consist on a tower of 904 square foot height, combining the hotel and residential area, with 360 bedrooms and 134 condos, jointly with 770 additional parking spaces, which will obstruct a part of the view in the east section of “Reach Brickell City Centre” tower. You cannot miss the opportunity to invest in this practical and useful project, with no doubt it will facilitate the daily activities of many people who work and live in Brickell

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Brickell World Plaza